السّــــــــلام عليك يــــــــــا أبا عبــــــــــــد الله الحســـــــــــين

السّــــــــلام عليك يــــــــــا أبا عبــــــــــــد الله الحســـــــــــين
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Destiny of the Unveiled Woman

The Destiny of the Unveiled Woman

What is the punishment of the unveiled woman and what is her destiny?  We know that the mighty God had setup certain punishments for certain disobedience and certain forbidden commitments. There is a punishment for the ones that leave their duties. So what is the punishment for the uncovered woman and what is her torture that the mighty God had set up for the one who chooses (sofoor) to unveil and take off the hijab?

The (Sofoor) act of being unveiled will bring damnation upon the woman, put her away from Gods blessings and mercy, and push her toward the tortures, punishment, and take her toward the hellfire and humility. This is what was clearly said by His Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) as mentioned in the Hadith:
“There will come at the end of the era men among my nation, their wives are clothed yet naked and their hair on their heads is like the heads of the curved thin camels so damn them, because they are damned, they will not smell heaven, although the smell (“scent”) of heaven can be found from a distance of 500 years.”
Imam Ali (Peace be upon him) said,  “At the end of time, close to the end of the hour (hour = the time prior to the appearance of the twelfth apostal and it is to be the most corrupted time) will appear women who are dressed yet seem naked, beautiful unveiled, and far away from the religion.  They will enter into seduction, lean toward desires, hurry toward fun, they allow commiting the forbidden, so they reside in the hell fire forever.”
In another Hadith from Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) pointing to the punishment of the unveiled woman, we may pick up parts of the following Hadith as such:
Imam Ali (Peace be upon him) said:  “One day as we, Fatema and I entered to see the messenger of Allah, Mohammed (Peace be upon him) we saw him crying, heavily in tears, so I said: May my father abd mother be sacrificed for you (an expression at that time to show great love and respect for someone) what made you cry?  He (peace be upon him) answered O Ali, that night when I was ascended to the heavens, I saw the women of my nation in great torture, denying their position that they were in, I cried heavily for what I saw of their torture. The Prophet (P) started talking about what he saw the night of ascention, among what he said was,  I found a woman that was hanging by her hair with her brain boiling in her head.  Then I found another woman hanging by her tongue and melted metal was being poured down her throat.  I found another woman eating her own flesh and fire was burning and coming out of her bottom.  I found a woman whose hands were tied to her legs and snakes and scorpions were sent towards her.  Then I found a woman who was deaf, dumb, and blind in a cascade of fire with her brain pouring out of her nose and her body was cut with leprosy.  And I saw a woman whose flesh was being cut with cutters.
The lady Fatema to Zzahraa asked her father (Peace be upon them):   Tell me what was their deeds (in their lifetimes) that mighty God put them in such a consequence.

He (P) said:  “O daughter, the one that was hanging by her hair is because she was not covering her hair from men.  The one that was eating her own flesh is because she was beautifying her body for the people.
The one that her hands were tied to her legs and scorpions and snakes were sent toward her was because she was dirty in her prayer (abolution), her clothes were dirty, and she was not performimg shower abolution (Ghusul) for (Janabah) the religious shower after sex or the abolution from the menstrual cycle (monthly period) and she was taking her prayers lightly.
The deaf, dumb, and blind woman was tortured because she was commiting adultery while married and putting the child (if becoming pregnant) on her husband’s name.
The women who were being cut (her body being cut with cutters) was because she was putting her body at men’s sexual disposal.” … ending the Hadith.
In this Hadith you see an illustration of several types of torture for women who were (Saferah) unveiled.  These tortures, such as being hanged by the hair with the brain boiling, in a very painful way, fire was burning her up from her sides and limbs mean that every unveiled woman must meet this torturous painful punishment… Unless she repents and asks forgiveness, for the days of being unveiled and she decides to put on the (Hijab) veil completely, then the mighty Allah will forgive and pardon her. In the Quron the mighty God said in sorat Al-Shura (the council), verse 25 “And he it is who accepts repentance from his servants and pardons the evil deeds and he knows what you do.”

In another place in Ta Ha, verse 82, the mighty Allah said, “And surly I am most forgiving to him who repents and believes and does good then continues to follow the right direction.”
Truthful was Allah, the most high, the great.    

Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a Great Reward!!

What a Great Reward!!

make yourself a member, make yourself among the minorities to the religion of the mighty God, speak about the (Hijab) to the girls such as yourself.
Don’t refuse marriage if a man comes, just search for two important basic things which are (1) religion and (2) morals.  These two are the ways to joy and happiness for the person in the married life.  The only things that you have to search for are these two…
You shouldn’t care about his nationality or his salary or start counting the dowry that he is going to give you.  It is mentioned in the Hadith:  “A bad omen for the woman, is her expensive dowry.”#
Do not bring the excuses such as I had to finish my education, or any other invalid excuses that may bring tortuous life for you and your husband.  The mighty God may not be satisfied with such an action.
Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) said:  “If a man with two traits, (likeable to you) his morals and religion, came to you, for marriage… grant him the marriage… if you didn’t, it will be a disturbance in this land, and a great disorder.” (11)#
Marriage is the golden nest, it comforts you and makes you happy.  It is a prevention from corruption and moral deviation.
The mighty God did not create the woman to live in isolation, where she lives in solitude and loneliness.  He created her to live side by side with a husband and form a family, so the life cycle will go on, and the woman will become the mother for the next generations.
Delaying marriage is wrong and could be dangerous, so beware.  Prophet Mohammed   (Peace be upon him) said, “O ye people, to me came Gabrial from the mighty kind and experience saying:  virgins are like fruits on a tree, if they became ripe and was not harvested it becomes ruined by the Sun and wind.  The same are virgins if they reached what reaches the woman, there is no cure but marriage, otherwise there is no security from corruption because they are humans.”
Then a man stood up and said,  “To whom should we marry (O) messenger of Allah?  The prophet (Peace be upon him) answered, among the fit ones.”
The man asked,  O messenger of Allah and who are the fitted ones?”
The prophet answered: “The believers, some of them are fit for each other.” (12)#
Therefore if the one coming to ask for marriage was deviant or with ill morales such as if he did not pray or drank liquor (God forbid) or any other misconduct, then refuse him with no hesitation.  Do not be cheated by their fake words, or actions, or looks or unimportant matters such as money position, or a job… etc.
Living alone in this case is much better than marriage if there was a deviation in the man’s religion or his morals or his behavior, even if he was or had a high position.
Pray and ask the mighty God for a dignified, religious young man to ask for your hand in marriage.  Pray ask for a man that has beauty in his face, has heart and has morals, and the mighty God will answer your prayer as he said in (The Believer) Al-Moamin, verse 60,  “…Call upon me, I will answer you…”
Husbands Duties        
Husbands have responsibilities, which are very important and yet very dangerous as well. He is responsible for both his own and his wife’s behaviors and actions. The mighty God made men the upholders of women as he said in the Quron in Sorat An-Nisa (The Women), Verse 34, 
“Men are the upholders (Maintainers) of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of the property.”

Also in Sorat Al-Tahreem (The Prohibition), Verse 6, the mighty God said; “O you who believe! Save yourselves and your family a fire who’s fuel is men and stones.”
He must convince his wife to wear the (Hijab) Veil. If she is not wearing the veil, he must bring her all the necessary evidence so that she will be convinced and she will wear the (Hijab) veil fully, understanding the greatness of this Islamic law.
If he could not prove this to her or if she didn’t become convinced due to lack of evidence, then he could take her to a religious scholar so he can explain the philosophy of the Hijab and its importance. Or he could give her a book or a cassette tape discussing this subject.
Given advice to his son, Mohammed Ben Al-Hanfeya, Imam Ali (Peace be upon him) said: “To be strict about ones wife wearing hijab is better for the man and wife than to doubt her actions. Also going out is no better than you introducing them to the un-trustworthy and if you could; make them know no one but you” (13). *
In other words, do not introduce them to men, or vise versa because that may corrupt them. He shouldn’t go to mixed singing or dancing parties, put her as far away from them as possible because that will corrupt their morals; it may take their shame away; and may put her honor in danger.
The husband that calls for his wife to be (Sofoor) unveiled, or he orders her to go to cinemas or mixed parties is a traitor.  He is a disloyal man to his wife, because he is calling her to the path of deviation and corruption.  He may be the first to pay the price and see the punishment when she becomes unfaithful to him.  Among many, she may have an illegal affair with another man.
He should be distanced and as far away from the house of corruption as possible, so he can live peacefully, and live within God’s boundaries, where there is peace and tranquility.  They should live with God’s rules, be careful from any form of deviation.  They should pay attention and know that because women are emotional and as a sweet basil she may ask or demand what could be against God’s wishes.  At this point he should explain to her and make her forget about what she asked for.  He should not obey her when it conflicts with God’s obedience or God’s regulations, because the Hadith said, “there should be no obedience to any creature when it conflicts with the creator’s disobedience.”#
Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) said, “Whoever obeys his wife, God throws him in the hell fires on his face.”  They asked: what is this obedience?  He (Peace be upon him) said:  “asking him to go to swimming pools, showers, parties and wear the thin clothes.” (14)#
So the husband should not allow his wife to go to swimming pools where she may be seen or mixed parties, theatres or cinemas.  He should not allow her to wear thin clothes in front of “foreign men”.  Because it may bring corruption and God does not permit that.
He is also supposed to be jealous for his wife and family, the virtue of jealousy will become a powerful inner feeling that prevents many atrocities.  If a man doesn’t have jealousy toward his wife (that means if another person looked at his wife or family an evil look, he will not be moved) he will not prevent what may come .  The other person may be encouraged into more flirtatious acts, and may cause a disaster.  If a person was jealous for his family and wife, he will be upset from the first “wrong look” at his wife, his daughter, or sister, and he will prevent further action by the person who is looking the look of sin.  That is why Imam Jafar As-Sadeq (Peace be upon him) said,  “The mighty God likes every person who is jealous for his family and because the mighty he is jealous, he forbid the bad deeds, whether public or secret.” (15)#
Jealousy may have more than one meaning, the meaning being used here is the person who is protective of his family and prevents others from reaching his family, or acting toward them with bad manners.
  Because of jealousy, he forbids corruption, whether it is obvious or if it is hidden.  Therefore, a person should have this virtue and he should nourish it also so that it could grow in the right way.  Because this trait will save his family and daughters and prevent them from deviation, and (Sofoor) unveiling, will bring evil towards them, as well as bringing the mighty God’s anger upon him and them.  Imam As-Sadeq (Peace be upon him) said:  “Paradise is forbidden to be entered by the (Deyowth) Un jealous.”
Deyowth- Not jealous, the one who is apathetic about his family, he doesn’t care if she beautifies herself for other men and goes unveiled outside and he doesn’t order her to put on (Hijab) veil.
Also Imam As-Sadeq (P) said in another Hadith,  “Three kind of people will not be looked at by the mighty God on Judgment Day, they will not be (Zaakat) blessed and they will have a great painful torture.”#
1-An old man who commits adultery
2-(Al-Deyowth)-explained previously
3-The woman who allows other men in her bed.” (16)#

Also it is this trait of jealousy that he will not allow his wife to go out with make up, and perfume, because that will put her honor in danger.  It also puts his position in the society in jeopardy and has a disastrous ending.
Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) said, “Any man who knows and allows his wife to beautify herself and go out is (deywoth)… A woman, if she went out the houses door, beautified, perfumed, unveiled and her is in agreement, for every step that she takes a house will be built in the hell fire for her husband” (17). *
Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) also said in another Hadith,  “Ten categories of my nation will not enter heaven unless they repent, and among them was (Al-Deyowth).”
A person asked, what is (Al-Deyowth)? He (Peace be upon him) said:  “The one who does not feel jealousy for his family.”
On many occasions I have seen a man sitting in a restaurant eating with his wife without caring about her clothes or she caring about her veil.
You will probably see many of these in any park or public places, as a matter of fact, a restaurant’s manager told me once:  “Some people refuse sitting and eating in the section specified for families in the restaurant and prefer sitting in the general area.”
Summon to you I say where is your jealousy?
It is recommended that an honorable husband should teach his wife Soorat An-Noor (The Light) and it’s explanation, because it has many verses related to the woman, she should know then so she can apply them in her life and live in decency and purity.  Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) said:  “Teach them (your wives) Soorat An-Noor (The Light) it has many advises.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dua-e-Ahad Video

For Dua e Ahad write up and translation click 

The Difference Between the Veiled and Unveiled

The Difference Between the Veiled and Unveiled

A friend of mine told me a story that comes right to the point.  A believer was walking with his veiled wife in a public park.  A man with his unveiled wife came up asking, “Why is your veiled? Why doesn’t she unveil like my wife? Why the veil?”
The belie
These problems could happen if the young were not religious or not disciplined morally.
If the young people were religious and disciplined, you will see that they will hold the sexual desire inside, they try their best to fight this drive, they turn to the mighty God asking strength and power, not to follow the devils path and his tricks, they suffer a great deal of pain… She is also responsible for the agony that this young religious man goes through.

ref book: Hijab "a joy not torture"

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dear Muslim Sisters

Dear Muslim Sisters

Here are some hints and advices, a picture that is painted by the mighty Allah for you, so you can have the happiness is this life and the hereafter.
They are instructions that will take you to the highest degree of virtues, dignity, honor and faith.  It will guarantee the blessings and advancements, if you guarantee to apply it.
The top advice is the (Hijab) veil.  This veil is like a safety Protection.  Veil is like a shield that protects you from deviations, spoiling and corruption, and veil will prevent you from falling into sadness and torture.  It is the obstacle that keeps the people from reaching you.

Veil (Hijab) is the message of the mighty Allah to you, so obey him and follow the orders, it is for your own good, your benefit, and for your protection. 
Your creator is mighty and very compassionate with you, he does not want to hurt your happiness.  Therefore, he said in the Quran, Soorat Al-Ahzab (Allies), verse 33,  “And do not display your finery like the displaying of the ignorance of yore”…Also in Noor (light) Vs. 31:  “And let them wear head covering over their bosoms and not to display their ornaments”.
So obey and don’t deviate from his orders so you will not be facing destruction. 
Womens value is in her religiousness, shame and chastity.  To her, (Hijab) veil should be her highness, beauty and awe. 
Gods “Rothwan” satisfaction goes through the (Hijab) veil so don’t deviate from it, go through the way, so you will be in the mighty Allah’s (Rothan), don’t be in his displeasure, and then you will loose the paradise.
The way to the mighty Gods torture and the hell fire is through (Sofoor) being veiled.  Don’t attempt to go that way because you will fall deep inside.
“The woman is like a sweet basil and not a bull fighter”, as the prince of the believers, Imam Ali (Peace be upon him) had put it.
Therefore, you should know your limits and you should appreciate yourself and not leave your body and beauty to anyone but your husband.  Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him), in a hadith describing a worthy, suitable woman, said “The one who unveils and beautifies herself for her husband, protects herself from others, she listens to him and obeys him, and if they became alone she gives him what he wants from her…” (6).#
So cover yourself from “foreign man”, and do it Islamic ally, the way that the mighty God ordered, in accordance with your personality.  Don\t show your beauty to the public and do not make yourself like a piece of merchandise that are put in the market and stores.
Do not use make up, lipstick, perfumes and other beauty items except for your husband and close (Mohram) relatives.  Mohram = The ones that can see the woman unveiled; they are considered the father, the brother, the uncle, son and husband and the ones permitted by the religion.
Beware of using it outside the house because it may cause you a great danger, attack, and may place upon you the anger of the mighty Allah and his damnation.
Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him and his family), said: “Any woman that uses perfume and goes out of her house, she will be damned until she is back to her house whenever she returns.” (7).#
The honorable chastised women will avoid anything that brings man’s attention toward her; opposite to the cheap women, she will do anything to pull their attention.  Among that wearing high heeled shoes, the ones that sound like a horse’s hoof bringing so much noise.  These shoes are against women’s decency and modesty.  These shoes are like a sign or a whistle that informs men, saying there is a woman coming!  Therefore, you will see many men, if they hear woman’s shoes (if they were deviant) go back to look at her.  Do you think this is a sign of a descent or modest woman?
Besides these shoes are colonial, they came from the land of blasphemy, and vices to our Islamic countries, whether you had a feeling about it or not.  These shoes were imposed upon you and penetrated your culture. 
Do not imitate men in their clothes, be independent in your femininity and feminine life.
Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) said, “Damned are the women who imitate and look like men and damned are the men who imitate and look like women” (8).#
Do not shake hands with a “foreign (not Mohram) man” even if he was the son of an uncle or aunt.  If a man extend his hand for a handshake, apologies and say: “My Lord and my religion forbid me to shake hand… and don’t care if he became mad and upset, because God’s satisfaction is by far more important than the satisfaction of people, and also God’s anger is by far more dangerous than people’s anger”.
It is mentioned, in the (Hadith), among the gospel that the mighty God had spoken to the prophet, Essa “Jesus” (Peace be upon our prophet, his family and him) by saying, “O Essa if I became angry with you, no satisfaction, of a man no matter whoever he is, will be beneficial to you, and if I am satisfied with you, no anger no matter from whoever it is, is going to be harmful to you.” (9)#
Veil (Hijab) is not shame, so hold on to it very strongly and very bravely, even if your family does not put the (Hijab) veil on. If you are in a society or a school filled with unveiled women, be strait and tuff in holding the hijab. The mighty God in Sorat Al-Hud (Hud), verse 112, said:
Continue then in the right way as you are commanded…”. Also in fosselat (Ha Mim) verse 30, said:
“(As for) those who say: Our Lord is Allah, then continue in the right way, the angels descend upon them saying fear not, nor be grieved, and receive good news of the garden which you were promised.”

Do not pay attention to the ironic ones, men or women, and you can answer them by the Quran, sorat Al-Qassass (The Narrative) verse 60, “…And whatever is with Allah is better and more lasting; do you not then understand?”.
Be proud of your Hijab because you are obeying the mighty Gods orders, the one that set the laws by his wisdom. Also because you will have great rewards for every step taken and these rewards never fade away, just read these two verses. Hud, verse 38 in the Quran, “…He said if you laugh at us, surly we too” laugh at you as you laugh (at us)”
And in Towbah (Repentance), Verse. 72. “…and best of Allah<s goodly pleasure….”.
Whereas the women with no veil (Safersh) will carry sins and disobedience every step of the way she takes. Self confidence, I am sure that I will not go astray and I will not fall. Do I still have to be veiled?
The answer is definitely yes. Because the Hijab is a religious duty, with no exceptions as to whether you have self confidence or not. Self confidence alone is not enough because as Allah quoted in the Quron Yusuf verse 53. “And I do not declare myself free, most surly (mans) self is wont to command (him to do) evil, except such as my Lord has had mercy on, …”
And how many young girls were so sure of themselves, then slipped into bad behavior and sin, due to being unveiled (sofoor). Besides the (sofoor) may cause sexual excitement for others which may lead into sins and immoral behavior, isn’t that permissible?
Also this (sofoor) being unveiled may cause others to sexually harass you or worse than that – God forbid- may cause you to be raped, - would your self confidence help to prevent this from happening?
Do not be cheated by the slogans. The enemies of Islam are fighting Islamic Hijab in many ways, among them these wrong slogans, chantings, and empty words.  You should be very careful; don’t follow these shiny words and don’t be cheated by them.  Do you drink poison that has been mixed with sweets or honey?  Do not sell yourself, also do not sell your religion, honor, or dignity to God’s enemies.  Be a strong muslim woman in action and words… leave the western words and its corruption, disvour and disown them, deny their immoral propaganda and the advertisement that is aimed at the destruction of societies and aimed at the corruption of Islam, and know that the advancement is in (Hijab) the veil.
To them it is an obstacle (as they say).  Also know that civilized societies are the ones that apply the Islamic laws and legislations, which  among them is the Hijab.  Know also that shame and unhappiness follow the laws that oppose Islam and among them is (Sofoor) unveil. 
Call for the (Hijab) veil and explain its philosophy and its wisdom to your friends and relatives, in the school, at the university, at work at department stores or in any other place or occasion, and in all aspects of your life.  Being a missionary for Islam is not only the responsibility of a man, but also the responsibility of woman as well, and also the responsibility of all the different levels of people in the society.  The Hadith said,
All of you are shepards and all are responsible for their herd.” 
It is mentioned in the history that the lady Fatema to Zzehraa (Peace be upon her) was explaining and teaching the legislative laws of Islam to a group of women in the holy city of Madina.  Also the great Zainab (Peace be upon her), the daughterb of Imam Ali (Peace be upon him), was teaching the “tafseer” exogeisus of the Quran in the city of Koofa.
Let me make you aware and let you know the reward that you will receive, if you could lead a girl or a woman toward (Hijab) the veil or lead her toward the straight path. 
It is mentioned in the Hadith that,  “The mighty God revealed to Prophet (Moses) Mosa, (Peace be upon him),  “If you make an “Aabeq” return to my door or return the lost back to my courtyard it is better for you than a hundred years of worship, fasting the days and staying up all the nights in worship.  Prophet Moses (P) said, Who is the “Aabeq” from your door?  And the mighty lord answered:  The run away sinner.” (10)#
The (Sofoor) unveiled woman is (Aabega) she is a sinner, (a run away from the laws of heaven).  If she came back to the gardens of the religion, due to your advise and guidance, you will have the mentioned reward stated in the Hadith.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

(Sofoor) Unveil is the Cause of the Breaking of the Marriage

hijab is muslim womens choice

(Sofoor) Unveil is the Cause of the Breaking of the Marriage
Treason or treachery.  Marriage problems are increasing, day-by-day;  the numbers and statistics are doubling and tripling.  In many instances the husband is the reason for this disastrous breakage, treason or treachery, because he, for instance, was taking her to parties or deviated gatherings, cinemas and theatres.  There, at that place, she will be introduced to “foreign men”… or (maybe) the husband invites men to his house and introduces them to his wife, and of course, she has to come with a smile, a hand shake, a welcome…then she has to offer fruits, cakes, tea or coffee… as if she is very close to them.
Then days pass and suddenly, with great surprise he realizes that his wife has a sexual relationship with one of his “best friends” or a certain man that he invited on that day.
Then like a volcano ready to erupt, he explodes in his wife’s face, whereas in true reality he is the reason, he is the cause for this disastrous incident.  He is the one that lead his wife to this black shame and he is the one that paved the way for this crime.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Difference Between the Veiled and Unveiled

The Difference Between the Veiled and Unveiled

A friend of mine told me a story that comes right to the point.  A believer was walking with his veiled wife in a public park.  A man with his unveiled wife came up asking, “Why is your veiled? Why doesn’t she unveil like my wife? Why the veil?”
The belie
These problems could happen if the young were not religious or not disciplined morally.
If the young people were religious and disciplined, you will see that they will hold the sexual desire inside, they try their best to fight this drive, they turn to the mighty God asking strength and power, not to follow the devils path and his tricks, they suffer a great deal of pain… She is also responsible for the agony that this young religious man goes through.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chastity is Woman’s Beauty

global hijab awareness campaign

Chastity is Woman’s Beauty

Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said, “Chastity is the woman’s beauty.” 
Beauty is divided into two kinds:
Skin beauty and true beauty.  Skin beauty is the beauty that is short and limited for a period of time, and then it leaves and vanishes without adding any special moral character to the person.
The true beauty is the one that stays with a person forever and gives the person a moral character, personality, spirituality, and will make the person rise to the high horizon of the human’s completion.
Therefore, and with no doubt, we can see that true beauty is far more important, and it should be the one trait a person should seek strongly to have and earn.  If he didn’t or couldn’t gain any true beauty, then skin beauty will have no value at all.
Chastity is true beauty as the Prophet (peace be upon him) indicated.  It is the type that gives the human identity, personality, dignity, and highness in this life and the hereafter.
Make up, perfumes and other cosmetics are fake tools and have no value especially if the woman (God forbid) has no chastity or shame.
Veil or Hijab is the sign that indicates a woman’s chastity.  Whereas being unveiled (Sofoor) harms the woman’s reputation and puts a question mark on her chastity and integrity, because she has made her body exposed for the public, to be seen by hundreds of thousands during the time she has been outside of her house.
Truly I say it would be unknown how many people would have been hurt by wanting her and thus couldn’t have her; also it would be unknown by how many hands her body was touched by.  Does anyone think that their heart will feel secure by her past or present?
(Sofoor) or being unveiled will bring accusations upon the woman, as Imam Ali (peace be upon him) the prince of the believers, indicated, “Whoever exposed one self for accusations should not blame but himself, if accused or doubtfully was charged.”  (4)*

Definitely the unveiled woman will not harm but herself because:

1st:  She loses her social position and she loses her position with God because she is disobedient and opposes the laws of heaven.  Inshallah, you will read the punishment of the unveiled (Safera) in another chapter,  “The punishment of the unveiled women in the hereafter”.

She may also lose her social position because either she may drive herself to sin and vice, or at least she may be in a doubtful position where the people may point a finger at her.
The unveiled woman will gain both of the positions together:
1.      With God, because she is obedient, therefore, she will have the dignity to face the mighty Allah with a face, notable and with dignity.  She did cover when she was asked and with every step, she will have God’s mercy and blessings with her, God’s satisfaction, God will send angels upon her asking forgiveness and paradise for her as written in Al-Qasas (The Narrative) Verse 60:  “…And whatever is with Allah is better and more lasting…”
2.      In the society and in the eyes of the public, she will be respected and honored because she will be beautied with her dignity and chastity, preserving her notability, covering her beauty that Allah has given her for the right person.

Wasilah, Tawassul (Intercession) of Imam Husain (a.s.)

Imam Husain (a.s.) Ibne Ali (a.s.)

When Imam Husain (a.s.) was born, Allah (SWT) sent down the angel Jibraeel (a.s.) to congratulate the family of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw).
On the way down from the heavens angel Jibraeel (a.s.) passed an island, on which the angel Fitrus was sent to by Allah (SWT) because he had been naughty. 

Fitrus had also had his wings taken away by Allah (SWT).
When Fitrus saw Jibraeel (a.s.) he asked him where he was going. Jibraeel (a.s.) told him that he was going to congratulate the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his family on the birth of Imam Husain (a.s.).
Fitrus asked if he could also go with him. Jibraeel (a.s.) agreed with the permission of Allah (SWT) and so carried him down to earth.
When the angels reached the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and congratulated him and his family, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) told Fitrus to go to Imam Husain (a.s.).

When Fitrus touched Imam Husain's (a.s.) cradle his wings were given back to him by Allah (SWT), who had forgiven him.
If you want something it is better to ask through our Imam's (a.s.) as they are closer to Allah (SWT) than we are.

Awaiting for revenge of Karbala 
-Sipah-e-Mahdi (a.t.f.s.)

Monday, April 11, 2011


Janab e Zainab Bint e Ali (a.s.)


Remembering Bibi Zainab (s.a.) the following A’AMAAL is very effective for curing sickness, abundance in Rizq, and dispersing calamities and problems:

Recite 11 times Salawaat.

Pray 2 rak’at Namaaz for Haajat.

Recite: Allaahumma Swalli Alaa Muhammadin Wa Aali Muhammad - Bismillaahir-Rahmaanir-Raheem. Yaa Zaynab Ishfi’alee Fil Jannati Fa Inna Laki Indallaahish-Shafaa’atil Maqboolati Wal Manzilatil Adhweemah. - Allaahumma Swalli Alaa Muhammadin Wa Aali Muhammad.

[Ref of A’amaal - POWER OF PRAYERS- by Mustafa Hajji Ahmed Khaki, pg 145]

O Almighty Allah, we come to your presence with Your Special Names on our tongues and for the sake of Janabe Zainab (s.a.) ask you to hasten of the reappearance of our Imam, Hujjat Ibn al-Hasan (a.s.)! Aameen!..

Iltemase dua.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Marvelous Chat

The Marvelous Chat

     It is written in the books of history that one day as the lady Fatema –Zahra(s.a.) was sitting beside her father, the messenger of the mighty God (Peace be upon them), a blind man by the name of Ibin Om Maktoom asked permission to come in the house of the Prophet (Peace be upon him).  Prior to his entrance, the lady Fatema left the room and when the man departed she came back to sit with her father once again.
Testing his daughter the Prophet (peace be upon him) inquired about her leave, although she knew that he was blind.  The Prophet (p) asked about the reason why she left the room, although he knew why, but  he wanted her answer to be written in history as the greatest example of zeal and faith, forever.
She (peace be upon her) answered, “If he couldn’t see me, surely I can see him and he can smell the wind”, meaning he may smell a woman.
The great Prophet (peace be upon him) was amazed by this answer that was filled with modesty and chastity, he did not reprimand her for her conservativeness, but he encouraged her and he supported her and he said, “I surely witness that you are a part of me”
And when the Lady Fatema to Zahra wanted to give her eternal historic speech, the people put a curtain in the mosque separating the men from the women.  She (peace be upon her) sat with the women on one side and the men, (Al-Mohajerean and Al-Ansar) sat on the other side.
From there, behind the curtain, she  (peace be upon her) started her great speech that was to be considered equal to a miracle, filled with science, knowledge, wisdom, beauty, and eloquence.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lady Fatema Zehra (s.a.) “The Virtuous Ideal”

Ya Fatema zehra (s.a) 

Lady Fatema Zehra (s.a.)

“The Virtuous Idle”
     The lady Fatema (Peace be upon her) is considered the perfect woman in Islam.  She is perfect in every perspective and she should be the ideal for every woman who is seeking joy and happiness in her life.  She is the mistress of all the ladies of the worlds and for all times she has been raised and disciplined by the gospel, the revelation, and inspiration of the mighty God.  She is the graduate of the school of prophecy and the messengers and she had reached the high peak of greatness. She had reached such a height that her father, the messenger of the mighty God said about her, “The mighty Allah will be pleased with the one whom Fatema is pleased with, and will be angry for her anger.”
Lady Sayeda Fatema Zehra (s.a.) “The Virtuous Ideal” - The Daughter of Holy Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.w.)

   Therefore, every woman of the world should take her as her ideal and walk in her shinny path with her light, toward joy and happiness.
     His lady was the peak of veil and chastity, she did not go out of her house except with being totally covered, Islamically being covered from head to toe.  She hated adornment and the state of being unveiled because the mighty Allah hated it.  Adornemnt and being unveiled is the key to every vice and the way to sin and an introduction to a great fall, or maybe it is the fall and total collapse

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